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%AM, %02 %532 %2018 %11:%Nov

Horsham based, Mickel Motorsport head to the final round of the UK National Legends Championship looking to bag not only the UK title and Masters title once again, but also an entry into the Legends record books. The UK National Legends title has never been lifted by a driver on five occasions before and John Mickel is looking to be the one to do this with his first title in 2001 and then three further back to back titles in 2015 to 2017!

The driver line up for Mickel Motorsport begins with John Mickel, based at Horsham HQ, driving his bright orange #4 K-Seal sponsored 1934 Ford replica Legend packing a massive punch under the hood with a 1250cc Yamaha engine. John collected his third consecutive title last year and fourth title since 2001. The title was only decided in the very last race in the adrenaline packed final round at Brands Hatch in November. It looks like history might repeat itself with just 670 points splitting John from his closest rival Steve Whitelegg this year but with 1200 points up for grabs over the complete weekend, things could get messy!

Paul Simmons, Masters Champion 2017 is currently looking strong to take the title again this year in his Baileigh Industiral #51 Legend.

Mike Schlup, MD of K-Seal has reinforced his driver skills that he has been quickly building over the past three years and currently sits in 12th place in the championship in the second K-Seal Legend.

James Newbury, Principal of Netsense said “As technology partner Netsense are very excited to be approaching a nail-biting final at Brands Hatch on the 3rd and 4th of November. Having attended all but 2 race weekends this year Netsense have enjoyed providing support to the team and have experienced some fabulous hospitality from Mickel Motorsport. We place the highest value on our partnership with Mickel Motorsport and have everything crossed for another championship win and Masters Championship title.

John Mickel, MD of Mickel Motorsport said “This is yet another exciting finale for Mickel Motorsport and Legends racing in the UK and Europe. The team work incredibly hard to maintain a championship winning race car and we couldn’t do it without the support of our crew and partners. I have got everything crossed for a safe but successful finish to 2018.”

%AM, %02 %358 %2018 %07:%Nov

You will be a person that can apply a wealth of knowlede and understanding to varying situations in a broad range of business types. You will be able to apply your knowledge and skills to a broad range of technologies. We are an IT Company with a broad range of Clients and Technologies. We have a very different approach to providing IT Managed services with our clients.We offer complete managed services, encompassing the entire infrastructure, procedures and systems that our clients need to operate their business.

You will need to be able to work on your own initiative in a fun fast moving environment, and able to support clients and resolve technical issues.

You will have current knowlege of the IT industry, ITIL, and OSI Model.

2nd and 3rd line support - troubleshooting of IT related problems on software and hardware, Servers, various Firewalls / Routers, such as Mobile Devices, Laptops, PCs, Printers.

Troubleshoot network issues such as Firewall configuration issues.

Resolve escalated calls from the support team.

Record all information in the Service Desk Call Logging system.

Take ownership of problems and follow up the status of problems and communicate progress in a timely manner.

Maintain a high degree of customer service for all support queries and adhere to all service management principles.

Publishing support documentation to assist with requests for information & provide training if required.

Auditing systems, ensuring compliance, ensuring all vulnetability are mitigates, ensuring system health.

Extreemly strong Active Directory and Group Policy knowledgeArranging for external technical support with 3rd parties where problems cannot be resolved in house.

We support and look after

Cisco ASA



Draytek Vigor

IP Cop

Windows Server Operating Systmes

Linux Operating Systems

Windows Desktop Operating Systems

Mac OS Operating Systems

Qualifications and Skills

At least 2 years experience in a Similar role working with a broad range of technologies.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

%AM, %24 %361 %2018 %07:%Apr

You will need to be able to work in a fast-moving fun environment.

The role requires you to be the primary point of contact for phone calls and emails from clients regarding IT issues and queries, receiving, logging and managing calls from clients via telephone and email.

1st line support:

  • Log all calls in the Service Desk Call Logging system.
  • Take ownership of user problems and follow up the status of problems on behalf of the user and communicate progress in a timely manner.
  • Maintain a high degree of customer service for all support queries and adhere to all service management principles.
  • Troubleshooting of IT related problems on software and hardware, such as Mobile Devices, Laptops, PCs and Printers.
  • Troubleshoot network issues such as PC connectivity, Network availability, broadband issues.
  • Active Directory knowledge. Creating user accounts, reset passwords, create groups etc.
  • Management of various cloud hosted systems.
  • Escalate unresolved calls to the support team.
  • Publish support documentation to assist with requests for information & provide training if required.
  • Maintaining an Asset Databases and track changes
  • Management of Service Alerts
  • To arrange for external technical support with 3rd parties where problems cannot be resolved in house
%AM, %23 %364 %2018 %07:%Apr

We are extreemly pleased that the weekend went so well for Mickel Motorsport!


Please read the full article here;


%PM, %24 %785 %2017 %17:%Mar

We are extreemly pleased to announce a new 2017 technology partnership with World Champion winning team Mickel Motorsport.

Take a look at thier website

This weekend sees the opening of the race season with the opening round of UK National Legends Championship at Brands Hatch.

Good luck to the team this weekend.

%AM, %06 %416 %2016 %09:%May

We are pleased to be able to offer all exhibitors, and visitors to Burgess Hill Means Business 2016 an exclusive offer on the Ubiquiti wireless product that is being displayed and used at BHMB 2016.

This innovative technology offers reliable wireless coverage, with a range of fabulous features.

It can be utilised to make your wireless network give a whole new set of features, guest networks, paid access and 1300MB connectivity.

Today we are offering the Uqiquiti AC Pro access point installed and configured for £150.00 (plus VAT)

Please visit us on stand 23 to discuss your requirement, and let us explain to you the amazing features that Ubiquiti can offer.

th  2016 logo 


%PM, %18 %545 %2016 %12:%Mar

Our Engineers are currently investigating reports of a number of Users encountering issues with connectivity issues on our 2013 platform. OWA appears to be unaffected and is suggested as an alternative while investigations are ongoing. Further updates are to follow shortly.

Resolved: Hosted Exchange services have returned to normal

%PM, %10 %729 %2016 %16:%Feb

Windows 10

So finally we are happy to say that Windows 10 is safe to deploy.

Networking issues seem to be fully resolved, and now seems a stable platform.

Thre has been another major rollup released this week in #patchtuesday and we feel that the majority of the issues have now been resolved.


Please give us a call if you need any help or assistance in deploying Windows 10.

%PM, %08 %728 %2016 %16:%Jan

net framework assistant add ons firefox message

Firefox is now unable to use any .NET content due a security vulnerability that exists in the .NET Framework Assistant

If you need to use any web based application that use .NET you will need to use another browser

%PM, %10 %734 %2015 %16:%Dec

After Extensite testing we are happy to have partnered with Avast! to be able to provide thier Business Security

Packages start from Absolutely No cost to you (other than that of support and our time)

Please let us know if you would like us to demostrate the capabilities of the solutions we have available.



%PM, %17 %739 %2015 %16:%Nov

The Weather looks like it may be getting bad and snow is forecast widely for the north of England and Scotland. Are you fully prepared to be able to work from home and access everything that you need to as if you were sitting in the office?

%AM, %17 %449 %2015 %09:%Nov

This is a threat to every business owner / computer owner ‪#‎beprepared‬

Islamic State militants want to launch major cyber-attacks on the UK, Chancellor George Osborne will say during a visit to the GCHQ listening station.
%PM, %16 %742 %2015 %16:%Nov

Have you recently reviewed your Security? Is your Data fully backed up? We have solutions to protect your enpoints better, with costs from £ 0 per year, with additional monitoring and maintenance from our support desk. Complete unlimited PC backup from £40 per year. We are able to provide Enterprise grade unlimited monthly Server backup from just £45 per month.
There is currently a high risk to your systems security, take action now before you are caught without data and your business stops. ‪#‎beprepared

%AM, %16 %409 %2015 %08:%Nov

How many people sleep with a mobile phone next to them?

Posted by NetSense ~ IT Simplified on Monday, 16 November 2015
%PM, %15 %702 %2015 %15:%May

We asked our clients to use 4 individual words to describe us, below is a list of what they produced;

Local, Available, Approachable, Fast, Response, Knowlegable, Secure, Cloud, 24x7, Worryless, Bespoke, Manage, Simple, Efficient, Personal, Fun, Planned, Smart, Quirky, Interesting, Helpful, Unlimited, Partnership, Thorough, Responsive, Intelligent, Innovative, Premium, Accessible, Alert, Vigilant, Dependable, Honest, Progressive, Agile, Adaptable, Trusted, Resourceful, Evolutionary, Analytical, Support, IT

The list hopefully shows how our clients percieve the service we offer, and we are really proud of the exceptionally positive feedback.

%AM, %17 %041 %2014 %00:%Nov

We are urgently looking for an experienced support engineer to work in our growing team, preferably with immediate availability.

If you are looking for a role where no two days are the same and you have the opportunity to develop your skills and experience through on the job training and supported vocational learning, then you are just the sort of engineer we are looking for.

Desirable Skills and Experience

·Proven knowledge of Microsoft OS (Server and desktop) and Microsoft applications

·Proven experience in Active Directory (AD) and user account changes

·Proven experience of Various Backups and anti-virus technologies

%AM, %17 %041 %2014 %00:%Nov

Key Responsibilities

Providing sales admin for clients IT requirements

Update and manage CRM / Marketing system
Assist in preparing quotes
Setting up new user accounts
Answer the phone/email and logging call from clients
Updated our call logging and support database

%AM, %14 %356 %2014 %07:%May

This week we received a simple request from a client that was can you move a user from office A to Office B, we also need 4 other people moving around.
Whilst with the client discussing exactly where they needed the people to move to we asked if HR had been consulted about the person that was moving geographically separate offices. This of course resulted in a one to one with the person that needed to move and also their contract of employment being amended according.
This is the level of support and advice that we strive to achieve, looking after the computers is the very basics that we have in our toolbox, more importantly we look after your business and your ability to make money as a business.

%AM, %12 %403 %2014 %08:%May

On Friday 9th May we exhibited at Burgess Hill Means Business 2014, and exhibition organised by Burgess Hill Business Parks Association

The event was a huge success and it was fabulous to be in the same room as over 70 other businesses from Burgess Hill and surrounding areas.

We are hoping to be able to add some photographs of the event just as soon as we have some


%AM, %08 %416 %2014 %09:%Apr

On April 8th 2014 Microsoft will stop releasing any security patches for Windows XP

windows xp logo

%AM, %26 %414 %2014 %08:%Mar

This year the cost of a "leased line" has been dramatically reduced.
We are now able to offer leased lines at prices from £341 per month on a 36month term something that this time last year would have cost £1100 per month.

We think that this makes the cost justifiable to your business to increase connectivity productivity.

A leased line is a direct connection to the internet that you do not share with anyone else (on a normal broadband connection this can be 50 people at any one time)

We would be very pleased to look at the connection that you have in place and see if we are able to provide something that is faster, more stable and more resiliant.

Those of you that have Fibre to your premise should look at the contract price.

%AM, %20 %041 %2013 %00:%Dec

Chrismas is quite definately here this year. This is our new office at 192 London Road, Burgess Hill

192 London Road Front

Lower Ch Rd

%AM, %17 %395 %2013 %08:%Oct

We are delighted to be able to announce that Fibre to the Cabinet has finally made it to parts of Burgess Hill Business Park.

This means that there are now 80Mb Internet connections available.

Please call us on 01444 848160 and we will gather the required details to assess if you can get super fast internet.


%PM, %30 %634 %2013 %14:%Aug

There is a new manifestation of the UPS / Fedex / DHL Virus.

This is being generated before any virus definitions are able to catch it.

The Virus is being created for each individual email that is sent, and is slightly different than any previous versions, and hence no Virus Definitions will recognize it.

Please be extra vigilant if you receive an email with a .zip attachment, especially if the subject is containing UPS / Fedex / DHL.

Our NetSense StreamFilter/Hosted Exchange customers should now be fully protected as yesterday we enabled the platforms to remove the virus by inspecting its contents for the known 9 files within.

%AM, %20 %041 %2013 %00:%Aug

Here’s how:

1. Right click on a shortcut that you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to open or run it with, and right click on Properties.

NOTE: For an example here, I'm using an Outlook shortcut.

2. Click on the None area next to Shortcut Key (see screenshot below)

%AM, %14 %041 %2013 %00:%Aug
  • F1: Help
  • CTRL+ESC: Open Start menu
  • ALT+TAB: Switch between open programs
  • ALT+F4: Quit program
  • SHIFT+DELETE: Delete item permanently
  • Windows Logo+L: Lock the computer (without using CTRL+ALT+DELETE)
%AM, %30 %041 %2013 %00:%Jul

August offer!

Throughtout the whole of August 2013 we are offering our Premium Hosted Exchange service for £5 per mailbox to new customers, subject to a minimum of 5 Hosted Exchange mailboxes. So for a mere £25 (plus VAT) per month at a fixed cost for the first 12 months you can have 125GB of mailbox space for your company. We normally charge £7 per month, but during August we are offering new customers a 29% discount.

%AM, %11 %450 %2013 %09:%Jul

malware-detectionMost of us have a policy and indeed actively guard against Viruses.

What steps does your organisation take to protect against malware?

Call us today, and we will explain the difference and ensure that you are protected from these business crippling threats that are prevalent.


%AM, %11 %403 %2013 %08:%Jul


Last year we commented on how great Windows 8 was, and the only thing lacking was a start menu.

Microsoft have acknowledged this (probably not just beacause of our recomendations)

The release date is expected to be late 2013.

The majority of the changes mean that Windows 8.1 becomes far more familiar and less training for staff is required.

%AM, %04 %411 %2013 %08:%Jul

We are looking to recruit a 1st and 2nd line support Analyst, initially on a temporary 1 month basis, with the possibility of a permanent position to follow.

Working from our office in Burgess Hill you will need excellent customer service experience, together with broad technical knowledge to support our clients.

We operate a system of allocated clients to a team of 3 support people, where you will need to be able to talk with the clients allocated to you on a very familiar basis.

Working in a small team, Responsible for Call Logging of Helpdesk Requests, ownership of escalation process, monitoring system availability and troubleshooting

Desktop and IT infrastructure support for a small company with a national presence.

 Day to day duties are to Administer, troubleshoot and Maintain;

  • Administer and maintain hardware (desktop, server and mobile computers)
  • Administer, troubleshoot and maintain Microsoft desktop and server operating systems (Windows XP - Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 - Windows 2012)
  • Administer, troubleshoot and maintain Microsoft productivity applications (Office 2003 - Office 2013)
  • Local and remote user support
  • Basic Active Directory administration (add/modify users)
  • Strong TCP/IP, LAN and WAN troubleshooting skills
  • Documentation of processes and procedures
  • Perform administrative duties, including timesheet recording and writing reports

please send CV with covering email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



%AM, %10 %500 %2013 %11:%Jun

Is email a mission-critical system?

Unfortunately, most enterprise disaster recovery plans don’t include email. But today, email is the chosen method of communication system in businesses. This provides a strong argument that email should make the mission-critical systems list.

How solid is our backup and recovery plan for email?

Many businesses are lax with their email recovery and backup — especially if email does not meet the mission-critical list. This should not be the case, email today is the communications lifeline of businesses.


%PM, %08 %684 %2013 %15:%May

Ready to race?

BHBPA 2013 IT Support2

Join us on Friday 10th May from10 - 3 at The Martletts Hall, Burgess Hill for the Burgess Hill Means Business Show.

We are ready to race....

%AM, %07 %434 %2013 %09:%May

We are Exhibiting at Burgess Hill Means Business (BHMB) 2013 Exhibition, at the Martlets, Burgess Hill on Friday 10th May, please visit us on stand 32

  • Exhibition is on Friday May 10th at Martlets Hall in Burgess Hill town centre
  • Times –  10am – 3pm
  • Entry will be by business card
  • Keynote speaker at 1pm, The Hon. Nicholas Soames, MP
%PM, %01 %684 %2013 %15:%May

Which tool bar? If you mean Menu bar, Favourites bar, Command bar or Status bar then, in IE10, right-click on the Tools cog (top right) then select (put a tick against it) the tool bar  you want.


%PM, %15 %684 %2013 %15:%Jan


We are pleased to announce that we are now able to supply Box online collaboration.

Simply use the link below to take advantage of our collaboration with HP and BOX


Box Business Lite is now live!

%PM, %09 %616 %2013 %13:%Jan

Throughout January 2013 we are offering our fully managed hosted exchange service (Cloud based Email) for the heavily discounted rate of just £3.95 per mailbox per month *

Our Hosted Exchange service offers an eye catching and competitive mailbox price per month for a fully supported 25GB hosted exchange mailbox.


Please contact us for a full test or trial of our Hosted Exchange Service

* This offer is only available to new Customers, and only applies to the first 12 months of the contract.

%AM, %02 %416 %2013 %09:%Jan

Last year NetSense were extremely pleased to be approached by HP to represent them in the Partner Program.

For advice re old or new HP Equipment, please give us a call on 01444 848160.




%PM, %10 %684 %2012 %15:%Dec

We understand that many companies are unhappy with the way that they are currently being given IT support.

At NetSense we pride ourselves in service delivery, and believe that the service we offer is very different.

We will match the price of any support agreement that you have in place for a three month period, during which time we will prove why our service is different.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can help your business grow and thrive.

%AM, %17 %351 %2012 %07:%Oct

System Downtime

Having the wool pulled over your eyes

Things not being rectified

That critical moment when things fail

Hearing excuses

Not knowing if your systems are being maintained

We are passionate about what we do, and providing businesses the ability to work, grow and prosper.


%PM, %19 %779 %2012 %17:%Sep

The installation is much the same as that of Windows 7, then when you start using the GUI things become confusing.

The whole start menu is a 'tile' of icons that can be customised in exactly the same way that all previous start menu's can be customised. It does become quite frustrating if you are a user of the windows key that it merely takes you to a big tiled screen.

Otherwise all functionality is the same as Windows 7, but you need to learn to use the search function that appeared where run should be in windows 7, now hidden in the fly out menu on the right.

Learn to trust Windows 8 - you can install applications as normal,  they will just appear on the Start Menu Tile. (It is really disconcerting at first - you can see on the screen-shot some apps that have been installed - the not so pretty ones on the right!)

We are unsure that it it will make anyone's productivity greatly increased, but it is an interesting rework of Windows 7 - something that we have been using StartDock applications to carry out for some while.


Windows 8


All in all it will not make you work any faster or cleverer, it may well encourage people to be distracted, and it will cost a lot of time to get it working!

%PM, %24 %684 %2012 %15:%Jul

How to Give Mailbox Folder Rights

Permissions have to be set within an account if others are supposed to see folders in that account. This has to be done by opening the actual email account that needs to be accessed by others. For example, if you need to see the folders of a professor's account, then the professor will have to open that account with his/her own login details. Only from there can the permissions be changed.
To set permissions
%PM, %15 %684 %2012 %15:%May

Friday 18th May 2012

Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill

We hope that you will be able to come and visit our stand.

%PM, %10 %703 %2012 %15:%Apr

With the rising cost of a stamp in the UK now would seem a time that every business should focus on reducing the cost of printing, envelopes, and postage.

A first class stamp is now 60p.

That's a 30% increase on the price 2 weeks ago!

If you are sending 10 letters a day that is now £6.00 in postage alone - add the cost of paper, printing and an envelope.

%PM, %27 %750 %2012 %17:%Feb

We are pleased to announce that Alexa have ranked us as in the top 30,000 UK websites for over a Week.

A great achievement we feel - many thanks to the continued support, and excellent referrals we have received this year.

%AM, %17 %479 %2012 %10:%Feb

Have any of you ever visited and analysed the results of

If you have recently made changes to your site - it is cached - but a really great resource.

We will be posting more SEO tips...

%PM, %16 %997 %2012 %22:%Feb

Before you jump in whole hog to implement VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) I would suggest you take the time to go through your current environment and see if making the switch makes sense. This has been a buzzword for the past couple of years, but I don't think it's the end-all, be-all solution some providers would have you think it is, at least not for everyone.

%PM, %16 %685 %2012 %15:%Feb

Vmware VCentre uses a SQL Express instance by default.

We recently had a issue with a High Availability (HA) VCentre system that had been upgraded to allow more hosts to be added, and ever since the system was slow. The performance of the Virtual environment was dire and plans to P2V more machines had to be delayed.

%PM, %12 %953 %2012 %21:%Feb

We are pleased to announce that we have today achieved the lowest Alexa rank of any company providing Computer Support in the RH15 area of Sussex. Not only are we the highest ranking we are also in the top 1% most popular websites in the world.

We also have been given a UK rank, something that only the top UK websites get given.

This is a true reflection of the service and help we can offer your business.

%PM, %01 %769 %2012 %17:%Feb

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