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SIP Trunks

We offer Business Grade internet telephony services by routing your VoIP calls through SIP Trunks provider that resides on their exclusive network. The network is connected to the national telecommunications network or PSTN.  Customers calls are routed through interconnects with the main telecommunications carriers like BT, Virgin Media, K-Com etc. Standard calls are initiated from a low cost IP network instead of relatively expensive ISDN or multiple analogue telephone lines.

A SIP Trunk refers to an individual SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) session. SIP Trunk charges are based on the number of SIP sessions that can be used simultaneously. This is the same way that traditional telephone lines are charged so if you need five calls at the same time, we can provide five SIP sessions.

Most SIP vendors charge a rental fee for each session just as BT would charge a monthly rental fee for each line. This is where our service differs from all other services that we know of. We charge one low flat fee for unlimited SIP channels per Broadband or Ethernet connection.

Please read our Key Benefits of SIP Trunks for further information.

SIP Trunks

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